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Selected compositions including recordings, score samples, and scholarship by Huw Belling

This media is for demonstration purposes only. Please seek permission to use or reproduce.


  • 2010, Carousel of Blood a chamber opera for five singers and Small ensemble (65 mins)

Assemble for small ensemble is a piece which acts, in a limited sense, as the title suggests. Over its entire length the musical material in the piece is gradually ‘assembled’ as ever crisper iterations of melodic material emerge from a kind of primordial soup.


  • 2009, Virtual Pets for Small ensemble


  • 2009, Shred for Small ensemble

Although the underlying pulse remains steady throughout Shred, a temporal instability tows at its jittery lyricism. The fragile ensemble is ever at risk of being torn asunder, at first by sudden acceleration and then by slowing. Each explosive time warp adds pitch residue to the initially singular line until a crooked melody emerges in furious unison. It is a unison which was forever tormented, and at the last, beaten, it gallops into oblivion.


  • 2009, Auditur Deus  for a cappella Choir (2 mins) premièred by the choir of Pembroke College, Oxford in Westminster Abbey
    2009, Porta Coeli
    for a cappella Choir (5 mins) premièred by the Helenic Singers in Westminster Abbey
  • 2009, Destruction’s Our Delight A tribute to Purcell for chamber ensemble (3 mins) premiered by the Ossian Ensemble at the Royal College of Music
  • 2009, Fractus  for Chamber Orchestra (9 mins)



  • 2008, The Mountain and the Sea (Courtesy TVNZ) for Tenor and acapella choir (5 mins)

Commissioned by Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey 2008. This broadcast of New Zealand Premiere at New Zealand’s National War Memorial at 10:30 am, April 25th 2009 by the Wellington Cathedral Choir conducted by Michael Fulcher.

The specially written text of the Anthem is by New Zealander Dr. Richard Major. The ninety minute ceremony at the War Memorial was attended by the New Zealand Prime Minister, the Hon. John Key and other dignitaries and will be broadcast live on New Zealand television station TVNZ.

See Score Sample of Piano & Tenor paraphrase after the original piece.


  • 2008, Blumenduft for solo oboe (3 mins), premièred at the National Portrait Gallery London by  Helen Fraser
  • 2007, Seven Seals  Ballet for Orchestra and Baritone  (25 mins)
  • 2007, Impetus for small ensemble (10 mins) National winner of the Inaugural Sibelius young composers’ award, premiered by Ensemble Offspring



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