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‘The Meeting’ from CoBL

Friday May 7, 6.00pm

The Quintet Scene ‘The Meeting’ from Huw’s upcoming Opera Carousel of Blood was performed in the Recital Hall, at the Royal College of Music.


A gangster and accountant both trapped in life itself, accidentally swap suitcases at the Heathrow baggage carousel. Chasing one another, while accidentally finding love, each man finds endangered his very life or living. A violent catharsis leads the men to speak, and meeting at the carousel, they come to fully understand its fateful power.

The Meeting –

13 Jubilee Close and Suite 69 share the stage. Passing Inga Inglefinger, a Fräulien lurking in the corridor, Martin finds Désirée in the Suite – a complaining high-class call girl. Charles, furiously seeking Martin in Pinner, instead encounters suburban Wendy, who thinks she is meeting her neighbour for the first time. The transformation is instant; the two couples are in love, though each man has pretended he’s the other. Outside Inga, though suspicious that Martin is an imposter, waits impatiently to kill him.


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