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Inga Inglefinger from CoBL

Wednesday February 17, 6.00pm from Huw’s upcoming Opera Carousel of Blood was performed in the Recital Hall, at the Royal College of Music.

The aria from the hour long chamber opera for 5 voices and 9 players was performed by the following musicians:

Jane Evelyn Inga
Benjamin Macdougall Flute
Antoine Cambruzzi Clarinet
Rebecca Celebuski Percussion
Nathan Tinker Piano
Radu Bitica Violin
Brian Jankanish Viola
Romain Malin Cello
David McIlfatrick Double Bass

The work carried the program note:

Need someone ‘bumped off’? Just type and order an assassination using paypal. From Huw’s upcoming little opera Carousel of Blood, this “Death Tango” punctuated by screaming piccolo stabs, advertises the sadism of an internet assassiness. But beware! She who lives by the sword dies by the sword, and in the violent last moments, she meets her end.

 A concert workshop performance of the Ensemble scene from the same opera can be found here

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